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Overview of the most widely used ceramic Patch antenna in the market

As the most important receiving device in GPS device, antenna ACTS like a person's "ear".It is to convert the electromagnetic energy sent down from the satellite into the current that can be interpreted by the electronic device.Therefore, the performance of the antenna is directly related to the product performance of GPS.

At present, the open civil GPS positioning system is mainly the American GPS L1 Band with a central frequency point of 1575.42mhz.Russian GLONASS L1 Band, central frequency point 1602.5625MHz;China Beidou B1 Band, 1561.098mhz, etc.During the debugging of GPS Antenna, the ceramic antenna of small size can only be compatible with 2 frequency bands in general (multiple 2 is also selected in general software).It cannot be compatible with all three frequencies at the same time.This requires us to confirm the customer needs in the debugging;Confirm using single GPS or Beidou;GPS+ Beidou, GPS+GLONASS and other pair-pairs combination.In this way, the focus of the debugging, performance can be optimal.

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