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New rules for foreign trade in July

In January, China introduced a number of favorable policies, and many countries adjusted their tax rates, including:
KN95 new mask regulations extended for one year;
10 local customs pilot cross-border E-COMMERCE B2B export supervision;
The implementation period for exempting port construction fees shall be extended to the end of 2020;
Implement large amount cash management;
Qingdao Customs fully launched the VIRTUAL CO (CEPA) approval center;
China has granted zero-tariff treatment to 97 percent of Bangladesh's tax items.
MFN tariff applied to imports of Kiribati origin;
Vietnam implements zero tariff on import of auto parts;
The US announced the cancellation of special related treatment in Hong Kong;
Mail from China to the United States or skyrocketing;
Entry into force of the Mexican-american Agreement;
Germany's VAT rate is down to 16%;
Saudi Arabia raises tariffs and VAT on some products;
The manifest of some ports in Dubai must provide 8-digit customs code;
Turkish imports from China are settled in RMB.
Some countries reopened their borders in July.

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