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Is known as "drive the engine of the new economy" of the bluetooth technology, its English called "Bluctooth", is by Ericsson in May 1998, IBM, Intel, nokia, Toshiba and other five companies jointly plan the near-field communication technology standard, its purpose is to realize high data transfer rate of 1 MB/s (effective transfer rate of 721 KB/s), the maximum transmission distance is 10 m wireless communication.In July 1999, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced the official specification of Bluetooth version 1.0.Bluetooth technology adopts an open technical standard, which has been widely recognized by the industry since its launch, and now there are products based on this standard.At present, Bluetooth technology has become the most popular research and development direction in the field of short-range wireless communication data, and more than 2000 enterprises have announced to support and develop Bluetooth technology and related products.

Bluetooth provides wireless access with the lowest cost and low power consumption. Its application in information home appliances, mobile communication, embedded application development and other aspects complies with the development trend of modern communication technology and application, and its prospect will be unlimited.

Chip antennas sold on www.global-antenna.com are widely used in cordless phones, wireless network CARDS, Bluetooth adapters, Bluetooth headsets, tire pressure monitoring systems, wireless speakers, MP3 players with built-in Bluetooth functions and mobile phones.

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